Saturday, August 23, 2008


I was in a scooter accident on Thursday night.
The injuries are minor (cuts and bruises), but I've been taking rest.
The scooter is worse off than I am.
Details to follow.


  1. OMG, you shocked me.
    You must take care, the traffic here IS awful. I thank God each time that I survived, when I crossed a street.

    At least you drive with a helmet.
    Get well soon.


  2. Keep in mind India is a world leader in tetanus infections, good thing you got an extra shot.

    Oh, and they still have the plague.

    From Seinfeld>

    [Setting: A building in India]

    The bride, Sue Ellen, and the Groom, Pinter, are walking down the aisle. Elaine is scattering flowers behind them.
    (Jerry walks in and takes a seat)

    ELAINE: (Whispering to Jerry) Hey.

    JERRY: Hey.

    ELAINE: What happened last night?

    JERRY: Oh, you were pretty loaded.

    ELAINE: (Gesturing to her nose stud) I know. I woke up with this.

    JERRY: Oh. Hello, Tetanus.

    (Scene cuts to Nina and George entering the wedding hall)

    NINA: George, I've used the bathroom. It's fine.

    GEORGE: (Struggling) No, no, no, no. I can walk it off. It's a hundred and twenty degrees in here.. I'll sweat it out.

    ELAINE: (Seeing George, she walks over to greet him) Hey. (Looking at his shoes) Are those Timberlands painted black?

    GEORGE: (Looking at her nose) Is your nose pierced?

    ELAINE: (Embarrassed) I should.. (Walks tward the bride and groom)

    [Setting: Indian Airport]

    (Notice: "THREE HOURS EARLIER, BACK IN INDIA" Elaine, Jerry, George, and Nina are all at the airport)

    ELAINE: Oh, God, it's so hot! (Sniffing) What's that smell?

    JERRY: (Joking around) I think it's the stench of death.

    [Setting: Pinter's parent's house]

    (Notice: "ONE HOUR EARLIER" Elaine is at Pinter's parents house)

    ELAINE: Hi. Mr. and Mrs. Ranawat?

    ZUBIN: Please, call us Usha and Zubin.

    ELAINE: Oh. Well, Usha..

    ZUBIN: I'm Zubin.

    ELAINE: (Shrugging it off) Anyway, your son is marrying my friend, Sue Ellen Mischke..

    USHA: You're not going to the wedding, are you?

    ELAINE: Well..

    USHA: Don't go. India is a dreadful, dreadful place.

    ZUBIN: You know, it's the only country that still has the plague? I mean, the plague! Please!

    USHA: Here's the registry. Send her a gift, and be glad you did not have to go.

    ELAINE: (Soaking it in) Right. Don't go. Send a gift. I think I understand.

    ZUBIN: If I had to go to India, I wouldn't go to the bathroom the entire trip.

    ELAINE: (Leaving) That's fantastic.

    ZUBIN: And I'm not so crazy about Manhattan, either.

  3. rebecca10:49 AM

    bad news about the accident, very glad to hear that you're ok. healthy, warm thoughts your way & stay safe, rebecca

  4. Hope you are okay! Thinking good thoughts for you...