Monday, November 02, 2009


On Halloween I did door duty at a friend's house.

The kids came in droves, between 5 and 7pm.

Princesses were big this year. And characters from "Scream." The best was a very original court jester, complete with over-the-top makeup. He was going it alone, too.

Most endearing were the kids who could barely get up the stairs, and could hardly form the worlds "Twick ow Tweat" - once they remembered what to say, that is. Sometimes the parents had to prompt them. So, so cute.

I was not a fan of those who came with two bags, saying, "One is for my little brother."

Indeed, a few tart things came out of the mouth - especially when big kids with no costumes (or just a mask) came around:

- "No trick-or-treating while talking on the cell phone!"

- "No smoking while trick-or-treating!"*

and my favorite, to a group of three very big "children" wearing hoodies and carrying pillowcases:

- "You're kind of old for this."

- "We're the last generation," they replied.

That one made my night.

*This reminds me of what came out of the mouth on my first trip to Mysore, when I saw a fellow AYRI student sucking on a cigarette - after hearing him brag ad nauseum about being a yoga instructor back home. "So, yoga teachers smoke now?" Suddenly, I was the only one left at the table.


  1. Alienating yogis and teens alike! :)

    Our trick or treaters came from 3:00-6:00pm (I refused to open the door until 4:30 when I realized that if I didn't, I'd be stuck with all of the candy myself). Trick or treating in the daylight? I was not a fan.

    Also, some adults came, but I just figure that maybe they're hungry and be nice to them.

  2. The best costume I saw was an adult dress up as a can of Manwich.

  3. I can hear you saying that.