Thursday, November 19, 2009


Somehow I inherited two sets of mixing bowls from women who rarely cooked.

I use them about as much as they did.

Which should I keep?

The lightweight, indestructible, boring stainless set?

Or the pretty, vintage, extremely heavy, sentimental and breakable porcelain ones?

So far, the advice has been to keep the stainless.

The arguments have been....

"You can't break it."



What would you do?


UPDATE: I'm taking (most of) your advice, and chucking the nouveau-pink Chucks. Ladies size 10, by the way.


  1. i despise metal bowls. if you get rid of the glass, i will buy them from you. glass is FAR superior for cooking.

  2. Anonymous8:25 PM

    The metal ones make too much noise. Can put the porcelain ones in the oven? If you can that gives them more functionality. Plus, as you say, they're pretty. Just don't store them in a shelf above your head- keep them eye level or lower. It's easier to take them out that way.

  3. Anonymous8:28 PM

    BTW, as far as non-attachment goes- you don't have to be attached to either. Picking something pretty simply means you like something pretty. It doesn't have to mean anything more than that!

  4. First off I wish I wore a size 10 bc those chucks would have a new home!
    I too love the colorful procelin bowls. Not only do they add some color/fun to cooking in general I find that clean up with tme is much easier than stainless.

  5. You deserve something new.
    2 bowls are enough.....wink.

  6. I move every year so stainless steel is the way for me but... I think if I had the lovely colored mixing bowls I would keep them.
    But I cook so...
    You are the decider.

  7. Anonymous10:43 AM

    You're an idiot to get rid of either set. Are you going to live in a tree or something?

  8. I like the glass set. If you actually use them for mixing, they won't slide around the counter like the metal ones will because they have some weight to them. Plus, they are pretty and better for handling hot/cold food, I think.

  9. The polls have closed.
    I will keep the porcelain ones. They *are* gorgeous. I just packed them - in box #19.
    Thank you!

    Bindi, they are all Pyrex.

  10. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Good choice! Just what I was coming here to suggest :-)

  11. do not ever ever give up your pyrex if you are going to mix stuff to cook or bake. repeat this mantra.....

  12. i'd definitely keep the porcelain bowls. they have way more spunk.

  13. I would keep the Porcelain. It does not leave a metalic taste in the food. They can be put in an oven on low temperature and are healthier than metal when cooking.