Sunday, November 29, 2009


(This photo shows the final sunset in the old apartment. I will miss the view and the wonderful people I met on Devon Avenue).

* * *

The move took only 3.5 hours; a new record. We actually were able to take a break from unpacking and enjoy a late lunch at the nearby Ethiopian restaurant - which is wonderful, by the way. The whole thing was surprisingly calm and civilized.

Things that helped make it it go well:

-Remembering everything I learned the last time around (and pretending to be my sister-in-law while packing)

-Sticking to a schedule (sorting, shedding, packing, pre-moving, moving and unpacking)

-Numbering each box, and keeping a Master List of the contents of each

-Using stickers to designate where to put each box

-Having everything packed ahead of time

-Using Move-Tastic! They. were. amazing. (and so much better than Four Hangovers and a Lorry).

-Having friends on hand for moral support - and unpacking


-Trying to remember that that I am not the doer, and offering everything up to you-know-Who

A big thank-you to all who helped: the students, friends and family who loaned boxes and moral support, Mon'ca for her excellent advice; PKB and Dorian Black, who made the pre-move possible; the landlord for being accomodating; the readers of this blog for giving their two cents on what to shed; everyone who listened to the complaints about the old place and offered counsel; and Dog and Bo for unpacking and celebrating this much-needed change with me.... and everyone else I can't think of right now because the brain stopped functioning some time ago. The heart is filled with gratitude. OM shanti.

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