Sunday, July 04, 2010


....I was sweating bullets with Catesey in a tiny West Village sublet. There was a long, awful heat wave, and we were sitting in front of the only window AC and watching Channel 1: "Ninety-nine degrees in Central Park"

This was the trip where I first met Dharma Mittra. He actually played the harmonium before class, and led us through an amazing sequence that had me and putting my legs behind my head for the first time. In that class I also experienced the most intense savasana of my life

On that trip I also went to Jivamukti and Om Yoga, both at their old homes.

I also went to Eddie Stern in his old place in the Broadway Avenue office building above Eddie Bauer - where Gwynneth and Madonna used to have tête-à-têtes in the middle of class, and where Catesey, on his first visit, actually asked where the props were located.

Of course I went back to Eddie and Dharma, again and again.

Read all about it here.


Photo by Catesey (c) 1999. Notice the Om above my head - next to the big "M"? I can't believe I used to wear yellow hot pants and satin halter tops.... well, yes I can; it was HOT and I didn't care. I still have the same hairdo - only now it's in gray.


  1. you look very sexy

  2. Thank you... I guess I was falling in love with the photog.

  3. like to hear about that

  4. I'm almost more interested in the fact that we're both wearing headscarves in our profile pix.

  5. Anonymous2:56 PM

    that guy catesy sounds really fantastic...

  6. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Cates = FANTASTIC!

  7. Yes, everyone loves Catesey.

  8. Interesting timing... that I'd be at class with DM on the 4th of July too. Had you not been with him then, wonder if I would have been with him 11 years later.

    It reminds me of when Dharma talks about karma and causes of stuff and how you can rewind the movie...

  9. You are STILL very sexy. This cute picture could have been taken yesterday! I love, love to read all this biographical stuff about you and of course ANYTHING about catesy, AKA Favy, the favored one.