Monday, July 12, 2010


The past few weeks have been torture for many people.

Last week a student described it thus:

I'm exhausted.

I'm angry.

And I'm extremely sad.

I would add "anxious and frustrated" to the mix.

And "lost all interest in the thing I used to love."

The mood was so bad in fact that one needed to keep away from other people, so as not to infect them.

But it's about to end.

Apparently a partial lunar eclipse on June 23 threw everything out of whack. Or... perhaps it was when the planets lined up on June 13. Anyway, it has been a difficult few weeks.

Bill Street, who runs the Astrology for the Soul web site has this to say about the meaning and effect of the 2010 planetary alignment and total solar eclipse:

“Given historical precedence and the archetypal dynamics involved, The Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus T-Square of 2010 should coincide with a period of socio-political upheaval and destabilization, if not crisis. This alignment is arguably one of the most important astrological signatures of the first half of this century, certainly of the first three decades.

This T-Square symbolically represents a turning point in which economic, cultural, and political difficulties of the last decades come to a head and demand resolution.

Things are supposed to improve sometime tomorrow.

But I think the mood started to lift tonight.

And not just because I took not one but two classes with the Guru today.

(He says the next three or four years will be difficult - and then things will become harmonious).


  1. the energy has been pretty good for me except for the fainting, but that has nothing to do with the planets. it's all about how you use the energy-probably depends also on your astrological make up. the beginning (the lunar eclipse) was crazy, but the past couple days have been pretty awesome. apparently it's in cancer, & every single student in my class yesterday were cancer. isn't that weird?
    (i'm probably talking out of my rear end)
    enjoy your time with guru

  2. I have been getting this message from most of my mentors- that the planetary influences for the last 2 months have been very intense and for the most part "difficult".

    All of us Art of L people got a message from guruji this last week too. Because of the planetary "thing" he is encouraging everyone to do ALL of their practice, eat at home, stay home but "party" less and also strangely he discouraged "adventuring" i.e. physical tests (mountain climbing and other precarious sports). The main message was to "Go Inward".

    This has never happened before.

  3. My friend's Guru (Kriyananda lineage) also sent out a note to everyone, warning them of the odd energy at this time - also unprecedented. Hmmmmm.....

  4. reading this brings me such relief. i seriously thought i was losing my mind.