Monday, November 21, 2011

Ashwin Batish - "Bombay Boogie"

We used to play this on our college radio show, and thought it was gone forever.....


  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Sitar shredding. Nice.

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Hi Cara ~ How about an update on your hatha teacher training? I would love to hear your thoughts on stepping into this new role; what you're teaching; what you're learning; reflections.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. May I ask - who is asking about the TT?

  4. Sorry ~ Didn't take the time to sign in. I'm a fellow yoga teacher and Chicagolander. Been reading you in YogaChicago for a long time, and following your posts here.

  5. Hi Susan (Wilkins?),
    The TT has been postponed. All of the focus, writing, practice, research and other preparation has deepened my own practice. This energy has also been funneled into my regular classes, workshops and retreats. You should come sometime.
    Om Shanti and Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Cara ~ Yes, Susan Wilkens. Thanks for the invite. I've been interested for awhile in taking a class or workshop with you, but it's always the schedule thing. And your retreat looked awesome! I'm looking forward to your TT being inaugurated because honestly, yours is one of the few I could genuinely recommend. I think your lineage with Sri Dharma is similar to mine with Sri Goswami Kriyananda. Thanks for continuing to post -- always food for thought. Om Gum Gurubhyo Namaha.

  7. Hi Susan,
    Sorry to have outed you (and to have misspelled your name to boot!). Thank you for the kind words about the TT. The plan is to offer something along the lines / a preparation for what Dharma offers in New York, both for existing teachers here in Chicago and for serious students wishing to deepen their practice and/or teach. It's on hiatus at the moment. In the meantime I'm planning a series of special master classes for teachers and serious students.