Friday, November 25, 2011

Raw Thanksgiving

Not naked, but live:

Click here to hear Cara-Kali's radio essay about the raw Thanksgiving dinner she attended back in 2005.

When this essay was recorded, the diet was 30-60 percent live. Nowadays it can be up to 70 percent live during the warm months. Most of what I consume comes from a short list of specific foods, particularly certain juicy fruits, in their natural form. In the cold months, there is more cooked food. The digestive system is still not a fan of raw food restaurants that use a lot of nuts, spices, seasonings and combinations to make live food look and taste like something cooked. It does, however, seem to like eating seasonally (again, from a short list of specific foods). And it has the final say over what goes into the mouth.


  1. There is nothing like a raspberry straight off the bush. All I have left now is collards (Like collards? I have loads...).

    What's the white stuff that looks like mashed potatoes?

  2. I don't know, but sometimes live cauliflower is mashed in lieu of potatoes.

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  4. Raw Thanksgiving would make me highly unpopular. I did not win points for refusing to cook/carve a turkey this year. My husband was OK with it; one kid cried. My mother-in-law rescued them (me?) by cooking a turkey breast when she was in town a few days earlier. My vegan chocolate pie, "lost" to her chocolate pie with store-bought crust, Jello Pudding, and Kool Whip.

    I tried (sigh)... But I underestimated how attached my family is to turkey and green bean casserole.

  5. Wow, I can't believe you tried that. I'm floored. Good for you! But maybe there's a middle way next time around.

    (I'm lucky in that my sister-in-law is also vegetarian and makes something special for us. All of the sides are also vegetarian-friendly. She also carves the turkey).

    BTW as kids we used to scream and cry when we had to eat bacon from our own hogs. Not because we felt sorry for the pigs, but because it was tough and thick and nothing like the stuff from Oscar Meyer that we loved.

  6. I told my husband if he wanted turkey he had to cook/order in and carve and he chose NO turkey. If he gets green bean casserole and chocolate pie, he's happy. Next year, maybe I'll cook a turkey leg for the sad child.

    I cook meat once or twice a week. They don't want to be vegetarians, I love them, and want to make them happy. I used to cook and carve but not eat. Then I ate it. Now neither. It's the thought of dismembering the bird...

    I don't want to know how they make Oscar Meyer bacon soft.

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