Monday, November 14, 2011


Prema Mudita Manasey Kaho Rama Rama Ram Rama Rama Ram
Papa Ghatey Dukha Mitey Lekey Rama Naam
Bhava Samudra Sukhada Nava Eka Rama Naam
PaRama Shanti Sukha Nidhana Divya Rama Naam
Niradhara Ko Adhara Eka Rama Naam
Maata Pita Bandhu Sakha Sabhi Rama Naam
Bhakta Janara Jivana Dhana Eka Rama Naam
Rama Rama Ram Rama Rama Ram
Rama Rama Ram Shri Rama Rama Ram

With the heart and mind full of love and devotion, recite the name of Lord Rama. Reciting the name of Lord Rama cuts down sins and miseries and helps to cross the ocean of life and death. So potent is Lord Rama's name that it brings eternal peace and bliss and is the only support of those who have no support. O Lord Rama! You are my Mother, Father, Relations, Friends, everything, and all. The only life-long treasure of the devotee is your name.

Chant the mantra 'Rama Rama Ram'. Chant should emanate from the depths of the heart. Remember the name of Rama with love. God can be realized only through love and by no other means.

Click here to hear Satya Sai Baba's amazing, heartfelt version of this lovely bhajan.

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