Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cheap Trick: "Take Me I'm Yours"


  1. I assume you know that Cheap Trick was a locally formed band from Rockford. I took my older daughter to a Little River Band way back when, and 'maybe' Cheap Trick opened for them. They were a 'nobody' then.

    Ralph from DeKalb

  2. @CK: Thank you for posting, that made me crack a smile this morning. I hadn't thought of you as a Cheap Trick fan.

    @ Ralph: Now the girls all want to see Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. The best concert I went to with my kids was Ralph Covert/Ralph's World, before they "sold out" to the Disney Channel and when they were small. I still keep that kid music on my iPod, because it makes me happy.

  3. @ CK: I meant to add Cheap Trick brought back memories of high school. That's what made me crack the smile...just read the message and realized it could be misinterpreted.

  4. Cheap Trick helped me get through high school (one of the reasons we loved them so much was because they were from Rockford). This single is from a rare 10" record (just one among the many that were given away back in 2009).

    If you like Cheap Trick, check this out.

    BTW, Ralph Covert just shot a pilot for a Ralph's World-esque TV show, called Time Machine Guitar. Read all about it next month in Cara's media column.

  5. I did read the article about Cheap Trick--thank you for posting it.

    I remember reading about your getting rid of the vinyl on the blog. It was a move, right? My purge, which started when I got to the chapter in Maya Tilwari's book where she cleans her apartment, continues. I'm unearthing all kinds of relics from my past!