Friday, March 09, 2012

only in NYC....


  1. Ha! That made me laugh out loud in my cube this morning, which was much needed after a long week. If you're in New York now, I hope you're having a really nice weekend. I haven't been there in ages, because my husband is a Red Sox fan.

  2. for a minute i thought it was going to be a new pothole sign. thoses were good times!

  3. Gayle: I'm actually at home, recovering from oral surgery.

    S-Wolfies: I still can't believe you read the whole thing. I'm so impressed (and with the parallels you drew in your last comment, which are spot-on). Thank you.

    (For those who haven't been following along, she recently read this entire blog from start to finish, and is referring to this famous sign).

  4. Ow! I'm sorry to hear that! The trip to NYC would have been preferable I'm sure. Hope it's not that bad at this point, and that you had a stack of books or bad movies to pass the time.

  5. The pain is not bad; I was in very good hands (I highly, highly recommend the two dentists who did the work; they are geniuses in their field) and so far, so good.

    I've watched a handful of movies:

    Aditi (an oddly feminist Bollywood film)

    The Sisters (Bette Davis *and* Errol Flynn! Plus Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life)

    Buck (the real horse whisperer). [The Initiating Tooth Trauma occurred while removing a saddle from a horse back in 1974 - and it's the buck tooth]

    -The Mahabharata (Peter Brook's oddly Shakespearean, alternately lavish and low-budget take on the classic text, in which the Bhagavad-Gita portion is [brutally] distilled into ten minutes of dialog)

    -Mazdoor (a pro-labor Bollywood film from the 1980s).

    I've also cleared off the dining room table and made great inroads on anatomy homework.

    But have yet to touch taxes....

  6. Ah, it seems you are having a veritable film festival over there! I can't remember the last time i saw a good movie that didnt have Justin Bieber or a talking animal in it. And I'm glad it doesn't hurt that much.

    It's far too nice out today to do taxes.