Thursday, March 01, 2012


The secret of your individual progress in this world, physically and mentally, as well as spiritually, lies in giving. To give does not mean only charity of money, clothes, food and other tangible things. Good mental disposition towards others and forgiveness towards others are better types of giving than charity of money. By giving good mental disposition and forgiveness to others, you don’t lose anything, but you gain manifold. On the other hand, when you give in charity objects, you really lose the object of giving. This is one of the great secrets of my progress, and it can bring progress and happiness to you in your life.

Charity is rather incomplete without charity of disposition, understanding and human feeling. Charity is self sacrifice on different levels of one’s being without the pride of self-sacrifice. When a person gives charity in order to show to society his importance or wealth, it is guided by inferior motives and takes away the very spirit of charity. Charity in its true sense should be without any motive and desire.

-Swami Kailashananda (Yogi Gupta)


  1. i just read your entire blog in 2 days. i feel like i lived an entire life time.

  2. So do I!

    Thank you for reading it.

    Om Shanti.....

  3. and my very favorite part was reading all those tries at coming up from back bend. And then you told your students "STAND UP!" and they just stood up! that really stopped me in my tracks. After i read your ENTIRE BLOG i was a different person, the way that every life experience changes you in some small way. And reading about coming up from a back bend doesn't seem so hard, i felt like yelling at the screen, would you stand up already? |i have only been at yoga a few months... and in my ignorance i was all "how bloody hard can that be anyways?"

    so i did a back bend right then and there. then i said to myself stand up you bitch. No sir. humanly impossible. i have a battle before me now