Monday, March 05, 2012

The next one is November 3-4 at the same beautiful place. Learn more here.

On the final day, as the morning Maha Sadhana was getting underway (and I was reading a passage from Swami Sivananda), everyone suddenly gasped and looked up. Outside the window, a massive bird gracefully swooped down and perched on a nearby branch. The regal Red-Tailed Hawk stayed there for some time, watching us.

It was a magical ending to a memorable retreat.

Thank you to Felicia for her pictorial contributions, to the karma yogis who provided carpools (Beth and Odie), to the table-movers at the end (Tony, Dorothy and Daisy), to Tina for the book loan, to Kristen for the amazing food and support, the Port for Prayer - and to all the yogis who made the weekend so wonderful!

Om Namah Shivay!

* * *

FULL DISCLOSURE: Upon leaving the Port for Prayer on Sunday, I was mortified - utterly mortified! - to realize that I had unwittingly parked the car in a handicapped spot on Friday night. Yes, it was dark/rainy/sleety when I parked. But it was nonetheless a violation of ahimsa, satya and asteya - which I'd been talking about all weekend. I immediately moved it of course.

* * *


The color red symbolizes the “kundalini,” the seat of the primal life force, the root chakra (sexuality). Once activated the Hawk may enter and start to show you how to move toward your soul/life purpose more dynamically by empowering and fulfilling your visions.

Hawk teaches you how to soar to great heights while keeping your feet firmly on the ground, to grow spiritually, to live in this earth plane but not be a part of it but to expand to much greater dimensions. As smaller birds occasionally attack hawks, you are likely to be attacked by smaller people who do not understand your lofty beliefs or gifts. These people may try to impede your great ability to soar, to keep you grounded in their version of reality.

Because of this strong Hawk energy, this intensified life force activated by this totem, you must be careful how you express yourself. As the Hawk, you will develop the ability to use your words as he uses his beak and talons to rip the heads off snakes; i.e.,the enemies or disbelievers in your life. Be mindful of your words so as not to shred those who oppose you, but take the higher road and fly above them and their way of thinking. Deliver your messages with tact and patience...

The sky is Hawk’s realm, and through its flight it communicates with Heaven and the Great Creator Spirit, and conveys that knowledge to Earth: Hawk medicine unites Heaven and Earth.

Thank you to Tina for the link.

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  1. Susan Wilkens4:33 PM

    Beautiful photos, thanks for posting.

    So -- the last picture, after your confession of inadvertently parking in a handicapped spot -- the dude in the statue is giving you absolution? His body language is saying "Hey! So what you gonna do, eh? 'Salright!"