Monday, April 09, 2012

Hemant Chauhan* - "Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo"

*You may recall that I saw the amazing bhakta Hemant Chauhan perform live during Navaratri last year.


  1. This kept me company while I was dozing this afternoon with a cold. Had interesting dreams...ask when I'm in next if you are curious. Have a nice time away.

  2. I'm glad you found it helpful! The musician is a true bhakti.
    Om Shanti

  3. Still trapped on the couch with the cold, I've been reading your blog as an alternative to self-pity. I'm struck by how much your writing changed from the early posts to the later ones. I obviously don't know you that well, but your writing seems to change around when you started spending more time with Dharma. Seeing that, it's hard not to want whatever it is you found.

  4. The sages say there are 3 great blessings:
    -human birth
    -finding a guru
    -mantra initiation