Monday, April 23, 2012

MONDAY MUSIC: "Rat Race" by The Specials


  1. Nice musical reference to the doctorate! My favorite:

    You get your PhD,
    How happy you will be,
    When you get a job at Wendy's
    And are honored with Employee of the Month.

    It came out in the 1990s during one of my postdocs. Nobody goes into science for the money, though.

  2. Actually, it was released in 1980.

  3. Yes!!! The Specials saved my life back in the depressed and angsty adolescent years. So many ska shows: Prayer on the dance floor in the form of sweat and doc martens. Haha! I'm so grateful to it all.

  4. Oops! I meant the other song was released in the 1990s. A song about the questionable value of a PhD is best played full volume, in the lab late at night when your experiments aren't working. Sadly, I missed the The Specials back in 1980. They would have been perfect at 3AM.

    I assume, however, that you weren't meaning to refer to the specifics of getting a doctorate--more to the emptiness of slaving away on the treadmill merely to make money to buy more "stuff."

  5. The latter would be correct.

    But really, it's posted because it's a good song (and part of the record collection that was given away).

  6. So I have to ask: was it hard to give up the record collection? And do you miss it?

    My weakness is cookware and dinnerware, which makes decluttering my kitchen hard. And much "kitchen stuff" was inherited from relatives so there's that too.

    And when's the gardening article coming out?

  7. It was not pleasant, but it was necessary. I don't really miss them.

    (Most of it can now be heard on the internet anyway. When I do hear an old favorite, it's actually kind of a non-event and I'm glad to have let it go).

    May 1.

  8. Thanks, that's reassuring! Maybe I won't miss "stuff" after it's gone. Why is it hard to say goodbye to what's inherited? And why SO MANY dishes (Egg cups! I don't like soft-boiled eggs.)? And is there a point to shedding if there's enough storage?

    (Rhetorical questions. Don't feel obligated to answer...)

    I'll look for the article. I'm looking forward to reading it!