Monday, March 22, 2004


I just saw four Hijras
Been looking for 'em since I got here
they and the two female riksha drivers.
The former are not the caste
formerly known as "untouchable"
and now called Dalit
But eunuchs who dress as women
like over-the-top transvestites,
who get to wear saris
jasmine in their hair
tons of eye kohl;
they sashayed down
Deva Raj Urs Road
into the Jain guy's yarn store
I was *so* happy
he opened the cash drawer
handed the biggest one,
(orange sari, red choli, hot pink lipstick)
a couple of coins
and that was that

I interrogated Mr Jain afterwards
(his hair has grown out;
he will break hearts):
There are about 100 Hijras in Mysore
2000 in Bangalore
(not to mention infinite Harijans)
and in each and every place in India
Here they come around each Monday
looking for money
They don't beg for it
They demand it
and you give it
Because if you don't
"they will cast evil on you"

I saw them last time too,
also near the end of my trip
(and one lady r-driver)

They say they include hermaphrodites
some born w/o "stuff"
others kidnapped as babies
by other hijras
and, you know, *initiated*
plus everyday crossdressers;
F-ing INDIA!!!!!!

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