Sunday, March 14, 2004


Can you say *mindnumbingly boring?* That's one way to put a day of enforced bed rest (with brief periods of socializing with Jammu & Kasmir, etc)....In fact I was so lightheaded/weak I didn't go to practice or conference, let alone take out the scooter....

Yesterday I did indeed go to Apollo Hospital (oxblood saris again) where I demanded to see a new doctor and people of all types were clustered around the very few TV's they have, watching the cricket game (it was close but India trounced Pakistan). I saw a new doctor who is thin and did not have any salesmen in his office and did not try to incarcerate me. He agreed with my diagnosis, more or less (mild upper respiratory infection) and prescribed an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. He also pressed on my swollen right gland, which hurt like hell. The whole thing was under Rs 200 ($4.25) and I felt better just seeing the man -- so I set my alarm clock for 4:15 in order to make Sunday's one and only primary series practice, at 5:15AM. But the crying dog across the way was busy with his scales all night and so was the screaming-bloody-murder baby across the hall, whose parents saw fit to aim its foghorn directly at my door. After fitful sleep I woke up with the alarm feeling like crap and went back down (intermittently) finally waking up at 9 to the nasty buzz of the doorbell. I ambled over and there was Vishwunath (manager) and a just-married Indian couple, offering me a sweet in honor of their union. Now THAT'S the way to wake up. Later when I was putting my chai cup out in the hall I stepped in something wet and thought, "Oh, they must have just washed the floors." Hours later I learned the screamer across the hall (a girl it turns out) had peed there. It was a good day anyway.

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