Saturday, March 13, 2004


With just 11 days left in Mysore, *now* I'm going to make an effort to be more, shall we say, *tolerant* of others both in print and in life. We'll see how long *that* lasts.

Got up today feeling awful again, did the nose drops, woke up for real, feeling a bit better, and did surya namaskar and the standing poses; then I sat for a little while and took rest -- on the bed. Afterwords I got up to take a bucket-bath and felt very crappy indeed. Bindi came over -- haven't seen her in ages as she's been lying low too -- and we hit Hari Prasad for dosas and iddly. Then we did a few errands around Kaos Circle (I wore my Sachin cricket hat and sunglasses and hip black air filter -- my version of a burka -- and after awhile I lost all my energy and went back to the Lodge where I sat in the lobby and watched cricket (India v. Pakistan; their bowler is *hot*) and mainlined mango juice while Kasmir taught me how to crochet a monkey cap. During which I diagnosed myself with an ear/throat infection (I'm exhausted and lightheaded, my glands are superswollen and painful , the right rear corner of my throat hurts like hell -- I no longer think it's a canker sore -- and the ear on that side is sensitive and pops a lot). Back B.Y. (before yoga) I'd get a throat or ear infection each and every time I got sick, so I'm going to have it looked at, possibly today, probably by Dr. Incarceration (our friend at Apollo Hospital). First though I must practice saying "I'd prefer not to" and "I refuse to be admitted."

I'd been planning to go to yoga tomorrow but it doesn't look likely. This morning I looked at my list of things to do before I go, and thought about what would happen if I didn't get them done and how I'd feel if I didn't make it back to the shala and wound out hanging out in my room. Not too traumatic, really. I already came up from backbend, which I never thought I'd do. AND I learned to drive a scooter..... Once I let it go I experienced a none-too-familiar sensation of peace. I felt calm and had more of this (hopefully not fleeting) so-called tolerance for others. For the moment anyway.

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