Friday, August 13, 2004


Things forgotten:

Neglected to set alarm three times this week

Forgot to bring yoga bottoms to class

Did not include Utkatasana in standing poses.

Skipped Sirsasana in closing sequence.

Spaced out all four Prasaritas one day

Could not recall where I left the car

Left the back door wide open and went to see a fillum ("It")

Blanked on the name of his friend who came to class.

Things gained:

Four, possibly five new teaching gig$


Titibasana A,B,C

Lifted up from Upavista Konasana for the first time ever -- while demonstrating in front of a class no less

Learned to text message

One new therapist, who says the temper issue is not a fatal flaw but can be managed if the desire is there (it is)

The pounds are also returning, madam

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