Sunday, August 22, 2004

(a new sit-com)

There's nothing like a day off to improve one’s spirits. Especially when you begin the day running into L., S.R. and Bee on the way to morning yoga practice (at a class I just taught for six weeks straight). The practice itself was delightful, preparing me for a day of organizing the dining room table (covered in mail, receipts, etc), the desk area (scary!) and the Closet From Hell. The last was spurred by a mad search for postage stamp-size Post-it notes, which were nowhere to be found (It was Air and Water Show / Taste of Iraq weekend, which meant that the cat was also AWOL). I tore the closet apart looking for them (the notes), and then began putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. You may recall that the problem with the Hadeslike storage area dates back to March; while I played host to various parasites in Mysore, the landlord installed a nearly-beautiful new kitchen and hall closet. Everything from the pantry and kitchen was graciously put into boxes... which were crammed into the closet, and have been sitting there ever since. But now that the taxes are done (first things first) I’m making some headway. Finally.... Also somewhere in there yesterday I took a nap, made a bowl of popcorn and watched the Kieslowski film “Red” (haven't seen it since it came out; this time 'round I was irked at the actress for not being Juliette Binoche), read a couple of chapters in the latest self-help book (too embarrassed to give away the title) and later met friends for dinner and Olympic diving at Bhabbi’s (the man at the other table was a dead ringer for a Bollywood star). Afterwards I consumed more sweets than I should have, which made this morning’s practice (particularly pashasana) a little less than delightful....

Also yesterday I received a strange e-mail. The return address seemed familiar but the message area was completely blank.

....And now it's time to watch TV.


Upset, I left early, and did not watch any TV at all. All that good work and peace and calm went down the drain. I should get a flashlight and look for it right now....

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