Tuesday, August 17, 2004


5:00 Fed the cat

6:45 Woke up to NPR story about how expensive it is to eat healthy food (:0===)

7:15 Updated blog, ate a red plum ($0.79 / lb)

7:25 Played “slats” with cat in stairway and got the paper (no Rob Feder)

7:30 Yoga practice to Howard Stern; stiff but four dropbacks

9:00 Grabbed chai, left house on mtn. bike (streets eerily vacant)

9:30 Taught two at faltering health club

11:30 Orientation at thriving nearby rival (free clothes!)

12:00 Swam 1/4 mile

12:30 Steam 'n Weep

12:35 Weighed self (two lost lbs have come home to roost)

1:00 Photocopied kirtan article

1:15 Tailor (four days, $5 for yoga top alteration)

1:30 Got car, shoved road bike in back

1:45 Bike shop (one week and $140 for tune-up, new tire, flat repair, new chain and gear)

2:00 Waited eons for bubble tea while talking to Miss Y on cell (worth it)

2:15 Caught up with former triathlon buddy while waiting for falafel (free chips)

2:30 Spotted Wilco baby and mom browsing at CB2

2:45 Responded desolately to perky Trader Joe’s clerk

3:00 Got mail (Bob-E has begun his world tour!), schlepped groceries upstairs

3:15 E-mail (one from Germany -- with advice), phone messages

3:30 Nap nap nap

4:30 Nappy hair, crappy thoughts

4:40 Chocolate-and-salt cure

4:45 Returned phone calls

4:55 Feline pedicure

5:00 Perused online pix of nephew’s wedding (bad idea)

5:15 Worked on 2003 taxes while watching John Scott DVD

6:30 Discussed sit-com with B, then back to taxes

6:50 Dined on sesame noodles and salad in front of John Scott (Warning: Do not try split-leg chakrasana while eating!)

7:15 Looked over story edit

7:30 Went to ghettoplex to see blockbuster sequel

8:00 Studied sit-coms instead (mate was stuck on CTA train for 1.5 hours due to fire): Entourage (Yokolike yoga teacher gets star smitten and leaves for India), According to Jim (:0====), Sports Night (wow)

9:00 See 7:30

12:00 Reviewed final story edit

12:30 Old-time radio and Zzz

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