Wednesday, August 25, 2004

When you are.....

The effects of Charley are here (ie it's summer again, crazy-humid and raining like crazy -- despite the fact that some kids start school today), and last night tornadoes touched down in ye olde hometown, destroying model homes built on some of the richest farmland in the nation (Is someone trying to tell us something?). While living out there I used to search the sky looking for tornadoes during the day and UFO's at night, and scoured the ground for four-leaf clovers (only finding one of the last). I also spent a lot of time in bars, drinking Shirley Temples, playing the bowling game and watching the Cubs on TV....

Now I watch the clock as I make plans to head out to Massachusetts for a WASP-Hindu wedding (unhooking is *always* followed by a matrimonial ceremony). Medhi is on the menu for tomorrow (!), and I've been told it's OK to wear Indian dress -- so I'm bringing a regular purple Punjabi, a modern black one with sequinned bell bottoms and a pink sari. They all have that delightful India-incense smell.....Hopefully someone will help me with the last. The real question is, Will the rasberry-scented travel mat fit into the carry-on bag? And what will I do in a household full of people when the inevitable insomnia shows up between 2:30 and 4? Maybe I'll bring the lighted pen, and write in my journal.....

Cheap Trick, "So Good to See You"

Jewel crunchy granola bars
(like Nature's Valley, only cheaper and crisper)

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