Saturday, August 14, 2004


Last night two friends and I went to see the silent film "It" starring Clara Bow as the girl with sex appeal who wins the guy (to win the guy you must play ukulele, get thrown off a yacht and swim in high heels), with live organ accompaniment. There was a singalong (tunes too old for even me to know) and some zaftig flappers and then the fillum itself, which made today's blockbusters look like the poorly-acted pablum they are. The only problem was that there was no soda fountain to visit afterwords (the theatre is in Polish Town, which closes down early).

We met up again today for India Fest which is strange since none of us ever have large blocks of free time. The fest was a bust but it was sunny and unseasonably cool and they *did* have fresh (tasty Thai) coconuts and lukewarm chai. Apparently tomorrow it'll hop after the Indian Independence Day Parade. We headed over to India Town for some tre fresh food (the eggplant dish and radish paratha were amazing) at Bhabi's, where Bindi (who discovered the place) was finishing up her meal. Then a winding twilight bike ride home, checking out the people on their porches. Not such a bad day, considering.

An unexpected visitor, someone I never really met but have heard about for seven months, came to class today..........strange days indeed.

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