Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Usually the full moon -- and in particular that godawful blue one that appeared in late July -- makes one a little more emotional / on edge / prone to bouts of despair and can result in fights with the S.O. SInce there's no S.O. and hence no sleep deprivation from late-night viewing of Ben Stiller's mediocre ouevre, and the weather is finally autumnal and blustery, today's full moon *made it all fall together* -- despite my having left the appointment book at the ailing health club and the bike helmet at the thriving health club and repeating like a skipping CD the things I usually say during savasana. 'Twas topped off by meeting someone to see Garden State, which features that annoying little guy from Scrubs whose battery wasn't completely charged so he wasn't at all irritating (think Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind -- which just came out on video and is a perfect companion to Garden State) but very inspiring indeed. Of course I was irked that they stole the part about having the Xmas tree up year-round (I thought my mom and I were the only ones to do that).....Must remember to mine mine own life for these things -- and not just the stuff about the crazy ex-boyfriends, either. I mean, we had 21 cats. We had the drunk second husband 'Nam vet trying various ways to murder my mother (he failed, it was annulled). We had the falling-in roof and CD radio antenna in the back yard and Titelist golf balls crashing through the picture window (which we'd then sell back to the golfers). There's gotta be something there, I just know it....

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