Friday, September 10, 2004


Today’s early morn private lessons were cancelled, which meant no $ but plenty o’ sleep (I feel like my limbs have been injected with Tylenol PM -- or maybe it was yesterday’s too-early back-to-back classes [Durga help me next week when my full schedule starts] and I didn’t practice). Three people attended the 10 AM class, netting me all of $15. The “vinyasa flow” (whatever that is) one at the Fancy Seventies Health Club attracted ten people.....all of whom: A). listened and B). stuck around for savasana! A first for me (Duh -- so many people walked out a couple of weeks ago because the class ends at 5:15, not 5:30!). On the way out of the Fancy Club there’s a little cantina where a trio plays jazz and there are pretzel baskets on the tables and many people getting lit. Very healthy. There’s also an overpriced little gourmet shop selling fat-free (yeah right) double chocolate cookies that soften the long drive home in rush hour traffic (just as you can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat, you can’t ride your bike when your limbs are weak).
So I am *honoring my body* or whatever and staying in tonight while some of my favorite people in the world dine downtown at Cru.....

Oh yeah...... this week's edition of the Backwards R is the last drab B&W version of the city's largest weak freely. Next Friday look for a colorful, weirdly-folded image-driven version designed by some cutting-edge Barcelonians to give Time Out a run for its money. Don't, however, waste your time looking for my byline....

Pandoras - “Stop Pretending”

High Fidelity

the brilliant new sitcom “Valerie Loves Me”

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