Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Pinched nerve + 16 classes + lack of sleep + 2 deadlines + two trips to chiro + countless Ibuprofen - yoga and bikeriding = One girl who's really looking forward to tonight's episode of "Rescue Me."

(Actually I did the standing poses on Monday and full practices with dropbacks Tuesday and today, minus headstand because of the neck-thing. Today the mystery pain was shooting down my shoulder and arm just like it did when it appeared out of nowhere Saturday night. The chiro used adjustments, ultrasound *and* electrodes which seem to have done nothing, and said to lay off yoga *and* the bike. I didn't even bother to ask about swimming....I suppose things will be OK if I keep the remote in my right hand. Also I'm thinking massage might help relieve the *giant poisonous knots* in my upper back but don't know anyone trustworthy. Suffice to say the pain is daily sapping my energy and good humor, and all the chai in the world can't fix it; I flipped off a car whose occupant told me to "Get your ass off the street" when I was on my bike this morning. Haven't made that gesture in some time. And in front of a student no less).

On the Turntable (and adding to the irritation)
Client - "City"
Critics claim this British female synth-pop duo sounds like early Human League. Others invoke Depeche Mode. I say it's more like the Belle Stars - the big hats + Thomas Dolby - many brain cells.

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