Monday, September 06, 2004


-“Vanity Fair,” in which the nutcracker-looking soldiers sported the hippest of retard hairstyles (think the hottest of the hot downtown three-chord bands, circa early 1800’s). Very satisfying, plus the Sharp-tongued heroine wound up reuniting with her true love.... and moving to India.

-The Jacques Tati masterpiece “Playtime" which cannot be compared to any other film (Many Citroens, madame)

-The French thriller “Red Lights,” in which an unlikeable couple spend an eternity driving and fighting... until the uppity lawyer woman gets raped and learns her place and the ineffectual drunken husband becomes a man by killing an escaped convict. They all lived happily ever after.

-Three episodes of “The Office” (overrated but not that bad overall)

-Some roadkill

-43 yoga students

-The living room wall rushing past my vision during dropbacks

-Bubble's DVD of the 40 in 04 party

-Cat on its back, paws in the air

-A man who does yoga *and* plays racquetball with "Don" Rumsfeld

-Friends old and new at a civilized outdoor Wicker Park Party where too much pizza was consumed and it was learned that having a single whisky sour can give more relief to an immobile neck than three trips to the chiro and all the Advil in the world.

-Many pinks and purples during a massage / cranial-sacral therpy session which released the poisonous lumps in my shoulders and arms, straightened out my neck and helped release some incredibly strong emotions thus ceasing certain obsessive thoughts. Now I know the true meaning of the word “lightheaded.” (For more see

On the Turntable:
Lucinda Williams - “Six Blocks Away”

In the Gullet:
Hazelnut Lindt chocolate, straight from Austria

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