Sunday, November 13, 2005


My friend Bob did a reading and signing tonight for his newly self-published tome, Bob's Book. Parts of the beautifully-designed booklet are culled from the journals he kept during a year-long tour in which he danced** his way around the world (Japan, Thailand, Eastern Europe, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Borneo, Malaysia, India). I suppose it would qualify as experimental writing -- but in a good way. In any case it's quite brilliant; anyone interested in obtaining a copy ($10) should e-mail him at

Bob, by the way, is the gentleman (now 58 years old) who accompanied me on my first trip to Mysore and the olde shala back in 2002. If he hadn't set a date and bought a ticket, I'd probably still be putting off the trip.

He's planning another tour next year, and we may wind up in India at the same time! This means we could travel together and I could see a bit more of what's outside of Mysore (between bouts with the inevitable parasites I'm bound to attract, of course).*** My dream one day is to take that train all the way from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. But that would require a lot of water...


*This refers back the book, and some trousers specially made for him in Poland.

**Solo improvisation, unlike anything you've ever seen before.

***Although I did recently learn that the secret to not getting sick in India is to drink your own water on a regular basis.


Does anyone else find it kind of wild that the Bears' amazing return of a missed field goal (in 47 mile-per-hour winds) yesterday was for 108 yards? Not 107 or 109, but 108....The Bears do not, however, wear red trousers.


  1. Brian Jones7:48 AM

    Wait - Bob talked you into going to India? Do you think he has the power to talk you into finally having your Mod party?

  2. and can he talk you into moving to india for a year or so, so u can witness all that india has to offer, and then write a book all about yoga & india and make a million us dollars, sort of like that bikrum dude?