Friday, November 11, 2005


Dorian Black seemed pleased when I told him yesterday that I had to go to CPR training at the health club.

"The life you save may be mine," he replied, without missing a beat.

Other Dorian-isms:

"The last time I ate red meat was the 1960's."

"I went to school with kids who had polio."

"I remember when they invented FM radio."

"I watched TV from the day it first came on."

"The last time I saw Ravi Shankar was the 1960's.... He's a lot slower now."

"I haven't done yoga since 1974.*"

He also took the streetcar to North Ave. Beach (so did my father!), got out of Vietnam by acting crazy, and took dates to the Riverview amusement park** and the Buffalo Ice Cream Parlour.***

As far as I've been able to ascertain, his first car was not a Model T.


*This was on a commune of course, where they also practiced free love, etc. There's a big mall there now.

**a beloved, long-gone Chicago institution -- the mention of which causes old-timers to tear up and dab at their eyes.



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  2. tommyknockers7:37 PM

    The last time I ate red meat was 6 hours ago.


  3. tommyknockers7:39 PM

    Dammit, I have so much red meat coursing through my viens I forgot the link.......