Monday, November 28, 2005


My brilliant nephew just installed more RAM and OS X onto my flowered old (2001) iMac. And they said it couldn't be done!

I am actually updating this blog* using said iMac, via Safari, whatever that is....
I guess it's the thing just unexpectedly quit when I tried to download a photo.


And the type is really small, too.

Nonetheless I am now living in the present.

Today I also learned that:

-It's not that fun to adjust a Mysore class when you're nauseous.

- Or to practice for that matter.

-You should not impress your meltdown onto someone you're still trying to impress.

-There are very few used Honda Civics for sale on Craig's List this week.

-And the ones that are listed don't call back.

-People brand-new to ashtanga are not always afraid of doing every vinyasa.


-Fifty-dollar lobster claw bicycle gloves can indeed disappear into thin air.


*I had to go back and used the evilPC to add photos and bold font.

Now there's a band name: Bold Font.

They could all have bouffant hairdos.


  1. PC's rule, Mac's suck, no doubt about it.

    Never forget who is the BOSS!

  2. You can't dick around looking at your navel when looking at a Honda product.
    You buy when you find a good used one, or suffer regrets by missing out.