Friday, November 04, 2005

or something like that

It seems like NYC was ages ago; was I really there? Apparently I was; I feel fat, stiff, weak and heavy; I'm even more dissatisfied with Chicago than usual and I have all of these photos....

Proof that Park Slope is indeed the land of the MacLaren stroller. These people took over the tea lounge** with their little story-time, and we were forced to evacuate. That would be The Hex on the left

Why such a line at the Magnolia Bakery on Halloween? What were they giving away? Cell phone cards? And to think The Hex used to live mere steps away from this place....Ah, the old neighborhood.***

Eddie's Door, which I looked at but did not open. Bad, bad meek bad lady.

Michael-the-artist and I walked EVERYWHERE one day, in the freezing cold, including Little Italy. M-the-A works for the pumpkin-carving artist who appeared on The Today Show AND Good Morning America on All Hallow's Eve -- despite having cut his lip TWICE while shaving that day.

Ah, the (other) old neighborhood. How well I remember that walk from the train to 11th Street. And all those times I got lost along the way, and ended up eating The Larry Tate at Two Boots pizza

And the new neighborhood, P-Slope. Did I mention that I could have sublet the actor Bobby O's place in Chelsea (the one I lived in for three weeks during Guruji's 2002 NYC intensive), right smack in the middle of everything, for just $700 a month? Practically free for NYC. It wouldda started in January -- too soon for me. So many roads not taken or just plain blocked (by both others and my own fearful self). The quote of the trip is still, "So you've NEVER left Chicago?" The proper retort would have been of course, "Actually, I've never left the Chicago SUBURBS." Next time....


*Baby appears to have no interest whatsoever in le blog.

**Isn't this sort of activity what church basements are for?

***Dorian Black says "ah, the old neighborhood" about every single area of the city. And suburbs.

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