Thursday, February 04, 2010


Skin Update:

Still (b)itchy.

I did the short, lukewarm shower on Tuesday night and still the skin itched - although it was less.

Yesterday I remembered how effective the oatmeal bath had been in the past. So I put a packet in the lukewarm tub and took a short bath, no soap. Slightly better. I'll try it again tonight.

The bad news is that they recommend pitta dosha drink milk to cool down. I don't drink milk, and must remember that it's not a directive to eat ice cream.


Who doesn't miss the pre-digital, pre-app, pre-constantly-staring-at-a-screen days when people made their own art/fun in a truly local, face-to-face way? And behind-the-scenes puppeteers like Malcolm McLaren, manager/Svengali of the Sex Pistols, Adam and the Ants and Bow Wow Wow? "Buffalo Gals" was a favorite back in the day (and among the 45s in the given-away record collection... as well as several 33s by the three aforementioned groups). It features break dancing by the Rock Steady Crew, scratching and rapping by The World Famous Supreme Team and graffiti murals by the legendary Dondi White. (You may have heard bits of "Buffalo Gals" in Eminem's "Without Me"). More background here.


  1. Oil massage before your bathe is also great. In this weather, sesame oil is good for all doshas. But if Pitta is particularly aggravated, you can use coconut oil.

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I agree -- oil massage before lukewarm shower is very helpful for dry skin. Stand under the running water & massage the oil even more into your skin -- no soap -- pat dry when you're done. Put on more oil rather than a moisturizer to soothe your skin during the day. Banyan Botanicals has great dosha-specific oils. I know folks who used to have painfully dry skin, and got no relief from moisturizers, who swear by daily oil massages.