Monday, February 08, 2010


I had an overly-active weekend and agreed to last-minute sub this morning (the morning when I usually sleep in). On the way downstairs to do laundry at 6:30am, I fell and twisted the ankle. There was a snap that reverberated across the dry, frozen alley. Normally I just get up after fall. But the thing was so painful I almost passed out. Every time I got up, I had to keep lowering the head and waiting, and had to practically crawl back up the stairs. The accident also induced the old fight-or-flight response (ie; upset stomach and immediate need for an evacuation round). No subbing for me.

I went back to bed and elevated it on pillows and iced it for 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off while wondering if I needed to visit the emergency room and trying to figure out who I could get to come with me and watching the documentary about Thirteenth Floor Elevators frontman Roky Erickson. The last was probably not the best choice what with the all-too-familiar hoarding, depression and whatnot (my favorite moment was when Roky's accomplished brother - the one who got out - said his goal was to stay out of the nuthouse and the poorhouse). I fell asleep in the middle of the movie, and when I woke up it was on again. Of course I picked up right where I left off, remembering how I purchased that hard-to-find vinyl Roky solo album at Mill Valley's Village Music long, long ago, at Sgt. Saltpeter's urging. (It has since gone away with the rest of the record collection, although I'm still saving the now-valuable Suburban Nightmare stuff for Pete).

Anyway. I got up, gave the ankle some hot-cold treatment, applied some Traumeel, and drank some home-made turmeric tea with ginger, lemon and honey before heading to teach the evening classes. The ankle started to feel better while I was teaching. Amazing.

Nonetheless, I think the message here is to s l o w down....

....and also a reminder to feel blessed for the things that we have (such as health) rather than focusing on the things we don't (such as health insurance).


*Today's energy seemed to be particularly conducive to accidents; three students in tonight's late class fell over in poses (ranging from Prasarita P. to Headstand), while another told me she had taken a nasty spill on the way to class.


  1. Ouch! I'm sorry that happened. Glad you are on the mend so quickly! My s-l-o-w down signal is when I start losing or "misplacing" (as my Mother always told me to tell the school librarian) things.

  2. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Hope it continues to heal nicely and you feel much better.

  3. praise roky! i saw him last year at the bottom lounge (on lake & ashland) after watching that docu. i was VERY inspired.
    i hope you are ok.
    take care

  4. I'm so sorry!!! I'm glad that at least it appears to be calming down a bit.