Monday, February 01, 2010

(An update on the noisy-neighbor situation. Click here for Part I)

Over the past week, I put together a gift-bag with slippers, cat toys and a note explaining how noise travels through the thin floors of the apartment building. I planned to hang it on the upstairs neighbors' door later today.

But last night their stereo was turned up loud (even the bathtub was vibrating). And I thought of Swami Sivananda's words: "Be bold."

So I decided to go up and knock on their door. I brought the gift bag, sans note.

I knocked on the door, and the stereo was immediately turned down. The neighbor answered the door saying "Sorry!" and explained that she'd been in the kitchen and had forgotten about the stereo.

She was quite sweet. I immediately liked her, and remembered her holding the front door open for me a few weeks ago.

I introduced myself and handed her the bag.

As I did, one of their cats ran out to explore the hallway.

The conversation immediately turned to cats. She'd just rescued the one that ran out (Good thing I put two cat-toys in the bag!).

We also talked about what a decent chap the current landlord is.

She apologized for the moving-in noise, and spoke about the noise she hears from their upstairs neighbors. I laughed, and suggested she buy them some slippers.

I asked her to come down if she ever needed anything.

As I went back downstairs, I thought, we are all the same.

And I slept very well indeed.


  1. hi CK
    how sweet that turned out to be. i feel remorse of my pre-yoga days when, wanting to achieve the same, i went to the noisy neighbor's door in Florida and banged on pots with metal spoons, as if it they were drums, to get his attention. it only made me angrier. my behavior was childlike.

  2. Yes, that is a very sweet story :-)

  3. Boo Boo Bear10:42 AM

    Good story. Enjoy the moment. Hopefully there'll be many more moments of (quiet) neighborly bliss!