Monday, February 15, 2010


I've been reading this edition of The Shiva Samhita - and came across this:

Know aspirants to be of four kinds; weak, middling, good, and outstanding. The latter is the best and can jump across the ocean of existence.

Lazy, very ignorant, sickly, offensive to his guru, greedy, evil-minded, gluttonous, lecherous, fickle, cowardly, diseased, servile, nasty, badly behaved and feeble: the weak man is known to be thus.

He attains perfection after twelve years of striving. A guru should certainly consider him to be entitled to practice Mantra Yoga.

He who is objective, patient, desirous of merit, affable, not too impetuous, confused by worldly existence, of normal valor and strength, level headed, of average diligence, and straight backed is middling on the paths of Yoga, like those who have reached middle age.

He should be known to be of middling keenness, middling health, and middling valor. For those aspirants, yoga becomes established in eight years.

He who is of middling merit and middling valor and who is fair in all he does is assuredly a middling aspirant. Recognizing this, gurus should decide to give him Laya Yoga.

Determined, experienced in laya, self-reliant, strong, high-minded, compassionate, forgiving, resolute, brave, in the prime of life, faithful, worshipful of his guru's lotus feet, and devoted to the practice of Yoga: the good aspirant is known to be thus.

He can achieve perfection in six years by means of his practice. Wise teachers give him Hatha Yoga in its entirety.

Endowed with great strength, energetic, charming, intrepid, learned, diligent, clearheaded, calm, in the bloom of youth, restrained in his diet, his senses subjugated, fearless, pure, talented, generous, a refuge for all, stable, steadfast, wise, content, patient, good-natured, dutiful, discreet, agreeable, having faith in the sacred texts, worshipful of gods and teachers, adverse to company, free from serious illness, and experienced in the observances of the good aspirant: thus is the practitioner of all Yogas.

He is sure to achieve perfection in three years. He is entitled to practice all Yogas. In this there is no doubt.

So... which are you?


  1. I'm too old to be outstanding. I'd say I'm in the "good" category...

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Hi Cara,

    Of course, I always try to be a "supreme seeker". ;-))

    I personally prefer this translation :

    "Of great virility and enthousiasm, good looking, courageous, learned in
    scriptures, studious, sane of mind, not melancholy, keeping young, regular in food, with his senses under control, free from fear, clean, skilful, generous, helful to all, firm, intelligent, forgiving, of good character, of gentil speech and worshipping his Guru, such is a supreme seeker, fit for all forms of Yoga. He can reach enlightenment in three years."

    It comes from BKS Iyengar's book, "Light on Yoga", p 28.

  3. I am learning to love and know myself but I am afraid that at best I am middling.

    Thats ok tho' cause I am doing my best.

    And on that note I will go and do my middling practice

    and with joy.

    xo to you