Tuesday, February 09, 2010


The hot/alphabet-cold, turmeric, Traumeel regimen seems to have helped the ankle. Today I was able to do 5A, 5B, the standing poses, three backbends and full closing. The ankle especially likes headstand, and savasana while propped on a pillow. It also likes sunsets and romantic dinners, and watching Anthony Bourdain during cold-hot foot baths.

The ankle does not like:

-Upward-facing dog


-Triang Mukh Eka Pada Pascmiottanasana

-Stuck-up people

-Romantic strolls on the beach

-Going up and down stairs

-Walking in the snow

The last is too bad, because we're in the middle of a big 'un. (I suspect it won't like shoveling the car out of a snowdrift at 6am, either).


*One of the few anatomy-related things I remember from the four teacher trainings I've taken is:

How you treat the injury in the first 24-48 hours determines how it will heal.


  1. Oooh the ankle has its desires!!!

  2. one of my students in tokyo had a band called "my pal foot-foot". she was adorable :-)
    i love the shags
    "get them while they're hot!" lol

  3. The ankle is like a Playboy Centerfold with its preferences (remember the Turn-ons and Turn-offs on the questionnaire?)....

    and clearly is not a yogi (yet):

    "To the illumined man or woman, a clod of dirt, a stone, and gold are the same." - Bhagavad Gita