Sunday, February 06, 2011

Yet no one's talking about how one of them wants to create a new effing tax on services, including yoga. Can you guess who it is?

One of my neighbors tried to reserve their parking spot with these stylish chairs - which screamed "skinny hipster from a small hamlet up north" and were not taken seriously by the owner of the mini-van thingy who took her spot. (Something tells me the neighbor did not come home, whip out their knife, and slash their tires in retaliation).

No one dared move this "dibs" barrier in my old unhip immigrant neighborhood. You know they're not playing when they resort to cardboard and sticks.

I chose to kick it old school and used my car to reserve my spot on Friday - nothing screams "dibs" louder than an actual car - and rode my bike up to Devon on Friday. (As you can see, parking still kind of sucked).


  1. Oh boy winter. I hope you guys had some warmth out there today too.

  2. It wasn't too bad today; I think it even went up to 32 or more.

    And Jaykin and I went to Super Bowl Satsang at the Sivananda Center tonight; they spoke about DHARMA.

    Of course they did.

  3. I like the hipster chairs. The dork who took the spot would be beaten out here in the boonies, or by the branch and box people, as they have nothing to lose, but wait, we have unlimited FREE parking out here in the boonies, but I digress.
    Keep up with the great pics of Daley, I mean daily Chicago living.

  4. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Have you seen this yet?

  5. Naive8:54 AM

    Just heard a story of someone who dug out parking spots (but didn't mark his spot) and then when he left the spot someone (who didn't do the work) called dibs on the spot with milk crates, etc. That is bold!!

  6. dibs=kindergarden. if everyone dug out one spot, the streets would have plenty of spots to park in. what sux is visiting friends. no place to park :-(

    luxury tax on yoga studios=fine by me. i personally know of several studio owners who make 6 digits, live in very xpensive houses & pay the teachers a small fraction of what they take in. ($3 per student/charge $16-18)

  7. Yes and they drive Porshes, too, and pay their teachers who've been teaching for them for 13 years the same as newbies who've been teaching for 13 minutes. That's the way it is, and I think that's why you and I and others also teach at health clubs. Do you really think a new service tax will hurt them? I think it will hurt the community, the students and the teachers in the end.

    As for the well-off owners; well, they have good karma. Eventually it runs out.

  8. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Good karma runs out? Who is to say that the Porsche is good karma or not? When are you opening your studio?

  9. 1. From my understanding, yes, it does.

    2. The person driving it.

    3. 2012