Monday, February 28, 2011

If you can't throw feces at 'em, join em.

The mind does not like like change or new things - especially when it comes to technology.

Having to update machines or devices tends to make the mind feel intimidated, manipulated, humiliated and ripped off.

Compact discs were the primary recorded music format for a full decade before I finally broke down and bought a CD player.

After much complaining and research, I finally, grudgingly, purchased an MP3 player last year.

I moaned and complained about and resisted smart phones for at least three years before finally biting the bullet and purchasing one last month. I was quite sure I was going to bring it back before the 30-day return policy ended... until I got used to it (and finally realized that it's a lot like the mind; you can either control it, or let it control you. In other words, waking up and checking Joan Rivers' latest Tweets is not conducive to being steeped in pure sattva).

The was a barrage of arguments with Dreyfus and a full-on sit-down tutorial with Bo before I finally put a Paypal button on the website last week. (Now, you can bypass mailing a check to a P.O. box, and sign up for my March retreat right here on the Internet!).

Two friends - Ursula and Ralph from DeKalb - have been encouraging me to join Facebook for eons.

For years, I resisted; I don't want to waste even more time having pointless conversations and staring at a screen.

The movie didn't make me like it much, either.

"I'll never do it," I said.

Famous last words.

Ralph somehow got me to reconsider after Saturday's workshop.

Check out my brand-new public page here.

(And if you know how to get it to say "yoga instructor" rather than "monarch" and put my info up top a la John Campbell, and/or how to sync it up with the blog, please let me know! I'm still a luddite after all).

Now, it seems anything is possible........

including canceling all of this!


*Luddites are characterized by a profound fear and distrust of technology.
Scared to death of change, the Luddite reacts violently to the automation of any process.

Pic from this website.


  1. I didn't realize I had so much influence!!! Good for me!!!

    Ralph from Dekalb

  2. Well... if even Tim Miller's on Facebook, then...

  3. You are the second person this week who I know was holding out who joined Facebook.YIKES!!I think I'm next. Another one bites the dust.

  4. Kate Powell1:59 AM

    Cara, This is not good news but I have great news. I met Chandra Om!
    I have been traveling around India and yesterday started the international yoga festival 2011 in rishikesh. So of course we went. And on the stage are all these swamis and holy people. Very intimidating. There was this little woman in a ripped shirt sitting on the stage next to the orange robe swamis. I thought it was strange but then they introduced 'Chandra Om from the U.S.'. She only spoke for about 6 minutes but it was beautiful and all the english speaking people there appreciated it since the rest was all in hindi.
    So I thought, 'no way, is that the same woman Cara writes about on her blog?' So I bee-lined it to the stage and asked one of the swamis if I could speak with her and as the aarti was concluding she came down and I spoke with her and it was her//straight from north carolina, USA. She's in rishikesh for 3 more months and I am going to the Kailashananda Mission to take class with her. She was super, super nice. Is this a small world or what?

  5. Dear Kate,

    Thank you for is news. You are so lucky! Please give my love to Chandra. How I miss her!

    Om Shanti

    Cara/Kali Om

  6. did you network your blog for fb? i like that particular feature. fb is cool. you can use it at your own pace.

  7. Bindi,
    I don't think I did.
    Do you know how?
    (I suppose I could search the help menu....)

  8. cara go here
    and just register your blog. it will show up on all of your friends walls each time you post.

    i love the monkeys