Wednesday, February 02, 2011

for some, anyway*

It's still snowing this morning, with whiteout conditions. Lake Shore Drive is closed - people were stranded on it all night, and cars are still blocking traffic, plus there are waves crashing over it and massive snow drifts (which were forming as early as 12:30 yesterday, when I drove on LSD). Part of Wrigley Field blew off onto Clark Street last night (BTW, did you know that there's a free public ice skating rink in front of Wrigley this year?). Many are without power. Here are a couple of views from my relatively shanti dining room.

Luckily, the brunt of the storm (from the west) hit the side of the apartment that has new(er) windows. It made a quite a racket all night, but the place stayed warm and I didn't notice anyway - since in addition to PJs I was wearing earplugs, socks, legwarmers, hoodie and a couple of extra blankets.

Here's the living room view. You can't see it (because of the snow) but there's a Mini Cooper out front, buried in a massive snow drift.

This is the view lookin' out my back door. There's something eerily horror movie-ish about snow being able to wend its way up a semi-enclosed stairwell and push through a screen door.

Kirby preferred not to explore there.

*Many prayers were said, are being said, for the people and animals and birds on the streets as well as for those who have no home or heat or food / are stranded / must go into work or lose their jobs.


  1. Winter!!!! Wow that looks nothing like my vision of heaven :)

  2. It's coming your way, so look out!

    What I love is that it's a moon day and a snow day at the same time. It'd be a great excuse - er, reason - to do nothing...except for all of those beginning-of-the-month deadlines.

  3. Ya it's going on outside. It's also the start of Chinese New Year which means my industry is slow, which means I'm leaving work early. I'm going to go see a late afternoon movie.