Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Small "r" Reality Yields Wonders

Once I saw that it's going down to -8 tonight, I realized it was time to venture forth and do what had to be done.

The situation appeared to be rather dire.

That is, until the neighbor began helping me. There's nothing like a weather disaster to bring people together. The work was exhausting - no wonder people die from this - and it re-activated some recently-healed lower back and wrist issues.

Yet afterwords I paid it forward, and helped the neighbor-across-the-way dig out her Ford Focus. Then we watched in awe as a small bulldozer came and dug out the fireplug in front of her car.

On the way back in, I loaned my shovel to another neighbor - who was planning to dig out her car with a dustpan.

Time spent shoveling snow: 1.5 hours
Meeting and talking to neighbors and working towards a common goal: priceless


  1. Good God girl!It took us 3hours to dig out.What a workout,my wrists and upper back are feeling it.

  2. 28" out here in the super boonies, as you saw from the pics I sent.

    It stinks, but mother nature is the boss.

    Now that your car is free, is the street plowed?

  3. The street is plowed, but I don't want to give up the space!

  4. Get some of them mayor Daley chairs!
    Now they will be Rahmbo chairs.

  5. Boo Boo Bear9:28 PM

    Dreyfuss has the right idea... might I suggest some orange cones, 3 legged chairs, and a stroller? Ah, life in the big city after snow.

  6. I've always poo-poo'ed dibs but am reconsidering..

    Did you ever get the power back??

  7. Boo Boo Bear12:16 PM

    Yes, I got power back 24 hours after it went off- and luckily before one of the coldest nights of the year! Quite a relief. Thanks for asking.