Saturday, February 12, 2011

And we've got plenty of it


Pic was snapped Friday morning. Only about 1/6 of the shoveled spaces on my street are "reserved" with chairs and whatnot; in my old neighborhood - where parking is at a premium year round - it's a good (bad) 1/3. As for the photo: One can't help but wonder.....Did someone snap the leg off the poor chair? And what happened to its mate? I feel rather sorry for it; a sad metaphor for the havoc winter wreaks on everyone.


  1. It is sad, it must be given a proper send-off.

    I propose you get a bagpiper and play Amazing Grace as it is thrown and crushed in the back of a streets and sans garbage truck.

    And of course put the vid on youtube!

  2. I can empathize with that chair...

  3. Me, too!

    Things are looking up, though:

    I took a closer look today, and it seems repairable....

    and it's been over 40 three days in a row!