Saturday, March 19, 2011


Last night's kirtan was amazing. Maybe it had something to do with Saturday's super-duper full moon.

Bhagavan Das goes straight to it, with full force; no BS, ego or "musicianship." I laughed out loud at one point when I realized we were singing "KaliOmKaliOmKaliOmKaliOm." Three-fourths of the way through the three hour kirtan, he gave a poetic riff on the current sad state of the world and the importance of "losing your mind, and finding the mind within your heart" ASAP.

He followed it up with the Hanuman Chalisa, during which we internally chanted "RamaRamaRamaRama" with the breath, which I found quite powerful. That was followed by one of the most joyous, unified chants I've ever experienced. We really were - are - all one.

Jai Ma!


Thank you to the lovely Tina Ward for the photo!


  1. During the KaliOm I wondered what one's reaction might be to hearing a massive group of people lead by Bhagavan Das chanting one's name. :)

    I like the extended version of this blog entry.

  2. It was definitely surprise and delight.

    (We did it again today, at his workshop - which was incredible and even more powerful than the kirtan. We did "Sita Ram" for eons!).