Friday, March 04, 2011

Ohio* is falling. But Wisco still stands.

Learn more about why unions want to hold on to collective bargaining - which makes working conditions better for all Americans - and why Gov. Walker wants to get rid of it - here.

Listen to a podcast of Tuesday's Fresh Air interview with New York Times Labor and Workforce Correspondent Steven Greenhouse about it here. Or read the transcript here.

Find out how you can help here.

And here's an example of a Fox "News" lie; Bill O'Reilly and Mike Tobin discuss violent out-of-town "professional left wingers" protesting in Madison, while showing footage with palm trees in the background (last we checked, there weren't any in Wisconsin):

In Ohio, Senate President Tom Niehaus replaced two members of key committees to ensure that Senate Bill 5 passed and made it to a floor vote on the Senate - where it passed. Read here here.


  1. Lush Limbaugh9:41 AM

    I'm in tears, due to the fact I wasted 4 1/2 minutes of my life watching that retarded puff piece on the fat union people protesting.

    Think why General motors went bankrupt/?

    They could not afford to pay the defined pension & medical obligations of their former workers.

    Now look at Illinois, same thing, the state is broke, but the idiots will just borrow and tax their way out of it.

    What don't liberals understand about math?

    Walker for president!

  2. In response to the Fox piece people have been bringing inflatable palm trees to the capitol. Any time the news cameras scan the crowds, everywhere you look you see the inflatable palms, lol! Thanks for your support.

  3. Lush Limbaugh4:35 PM

    Everyone, even conservatives, know that Bill O'Really is a toxic idiot.

    However, I have had people tell me that have been there in Madison that many of the protesters seem to be living in a time warp,

    IE: hippies left over from the Vietnam era.

    Probably still working on that degree at 60 years old,
    and at the taxpayers expense!

    This isn't about unions, it's about common sense. The nation cannot afford open ended taxpayer subsidized pensions. Period.
    Time for the public union peeps get a 401k just like the rest of us in the US.

    They say it will cost million to clean up the capital, if the whiners ever decide to grow up and leave.

    Walker for president.