Friday, March 25, 2011

Would Still Be Dharma Yoga*

The Thursday night Dharma Yoga class has been saved - for at least the next three months!

Thank you to all who came last night.

The class will be called Vinyasa for awhile, in order to draw in more people.

But it will be the exact same class:

It meets Thursdays from 5:45-7:15PM at YogaNow Gold Coast, 742 N. LaSalle.

We have til June 30 to make it work.

Jai Ma!

*Dharma Yoga is a type of hatha-vinyasa flow originated by NYC-based yogi Dharma Mittra. The foundation is its energizing, purifying Shiva Namaskar sequence, in which poses are repeated and variations are given for each level of student. It opens the hips and shoulders. There are vinyasas, but it's rather meditative since poses are held somewhat longer than in most vinyasa flow classes. The latter half of class includes headstand, shoulderstand, backbend, back stretch and other key postures - plus there are many opportunities to learn/do the forearm stand. Each class ends with breathing and a brief meditation.

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