Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Here's a video from Swami Radha - one of the west's greatest modern yoginis

Radha was the first western woman to be initiated by Swami Sivananda, and her riveting autobiography, Radha: Story of a Woman's Search, is a must-read for any serious aspirant - regardless of gender.

I love how she says in the video that becoming Radha didn't mean completely leaving behind Sylvia or destroying her, but, rather, incorporating her into her new Self.


  1. Kate Powell9:14 AM

    Namaskar Cara. This is the first opportunity I have been able to write or go online. Have been taking classes with Chandra Om every chance I get if there is space. The pranayama classes are beyond description and the satsangs have changed my life in just a few days. I can never thank you enough for turning me on to Chandra through your blog. I never, ever would have given her a second thought on the stage that day. Now I have satsang with her almost every night. The room is pouring over with Indians (mostly women) who are in LOVE with her. She has said many powerful things but I am writing to say I gave her your love like you said and she just smiled and said "ok" and closed her eyes and held her heart. I have already begun looking for apartments in Raleigh and plan to stay in Rishikesh until she leaves. No words suffice, but thank you. I came to India and found a true Guru from of all places, America (my home).

  2. Dear Kate,
    Thank you for the marvelous update. It brought tears to the eyes.
    I'm so glad you've found Chandra.
    You're welcome of course. But you would have found her anyway.
    Om Shanti,