Monday, March 14, 2011


Today's master class was a killer (for me anyway). Dharma led us thru various LBH variations followed by BBs - including my arch-nemesis, Kapotasana.

He also led us thru the maha bandha sequence, which I've been trying to do @ home.

Many brothers and sisters from the 200 & 500-hr trainings & various retreats were there today.

At one point Dharma went back & fiddled w/ the lights.... & suddenly the sun came out.

And did I mention the flying leap he took from the stage on Sat - while in Tittibhasana? Then he looked over & asked me if I wanted to try it! I begged off, citing bad wrists.

Two more classes 2nite.....


Yes, I'm staying @ The Chelsea. Punk not dead!

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  1. hope you are having a great time (I'm sure you are)

  2. It's great fun! Walked all over Williamsburg & Soho/Bowery on Sat & spent Sun relaxing & doing kirtan on L. I.
    AND I get to spend 9.5 hours w/ the guru!

    I'd try to talk u into coming to 8-9pm pranayama & meditation 2niye but it"s past yr bedtime.

  3. Glad to hear all is going well. Do you teach the maha bandha sequence? Safe travels!

  4. I don't teach the Maha Bandha sequence. It's meant for advanced students, and most of the classes I teach are mixed-level.