Sunday, August 09, 2009


It accompanies John Kass's column, about Mayor Daley and the 2016 Olympics.

Sadly (or fortunately) there is no attribution.

And even more sad - the photo does not appear in the online edition (which, on the other hand, is proof positive that print is still relevant).

For the record, the sign is the handiwork of a group calling itself the Latex Gals.


And here are the latest additions to the installation -
a large orange pylon.....

....and can of Sprite.

I can't wait til it gets its own TV show....

Click below to follow the evolution of the pothole installation since it was discovered in mid-July:
Pothole Part I
Pothole Part II
Pothole Part III
Pothole Part IV

*A big thank you to Maybelline for the head's-up!


  1. That's your updates on this. Maybe if we do get the Olympics they will put your pothole as a "Must See" tourist attraction for the Olympians and spectators. Go Chicago! ;)

  2. I feel that John Kass is the ONLY reason to read the Trib.
    He should do a story on you and your pot hole sign partner, and how the silent majority/minority? of residents really feels about the Olympic bid?
    I remember the pothole sign idea was hatched during a pizza/beer & darts lunch out here in the boonies.

    Btw, out here in the boonies, they are raising rates a full 50% for Trib home delivery, according to a letter I received yesterday.
    (they have my email address on record)

    (somehow I get the Wall Street Journal 6 days a week, with no increase in the 'delivery charge' and it comes from the same delivery car/guy as the Trib)

    As I said previously here regarding the giant and unfixed pothole>

    I just don't understand the lure of Daleytown.

    Is it the lack of city services?

    Is it the luv of getting screwed, whatwith the ultra-high sales/property taxes?

    Is it the 'in your face' corruption?

    Is it the ultra high cost of parking?

    Is it the constant crime that people luv?

    (Near your old neighborhood seems to be ground zero for the current crime spree, of robbing and then beating victims)
    Lincoln Park muggings>,0,7660116.story

  3. Nice job putting all the pics together!

    The people at City hall should work so hard. (yeah right, that will happen, never)

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