Tuesday, October 18, 2005


On the Nightstand:

Yoga Journal's dissection of Kapotasana (August '05)
Holding out feeble hope that I'll be able to do the pose again one of these lifetimes. (BTW, for about $30 you can now adorn yourself with a pendant or charm depicting your most vexing pose).

Joseph Mitchell -- Joe Gould's Secret
The book that never ends, "borrowed" from the Evacugees' apartment. Mitchell is one of Suketu Mehta's favorite writers. I will not be seeing the movie.

In CK's dish:

Corn chips and guacamole
!No mas!

Pasta with Dorian Black's red sauce (not a euphemism)
At last -- a fella who brings a girl knives *and* home-cookin'

In the CD playa:

Low -- I Could Live in Hope
The Duluth trio's mellow debut from 1994 -- the year I bought a CD playa

The Concretes -- The Concretes
Swedish Jesus and Mary Chain-esque pop now featured in all the best TV commercials

Wasifuddin Dagar -- Dhrupad
Dagar is a 20th generation master singer of classical Indian Dhrupad music, and is playing a free concert with Pakhawaj (drum) player Mohan Shyam Sharma at the the Chicago Cultural Center on Wednesday, November 9.

Anuradha and Kavita Paudwal -- Gayatri Mantra
An exuberant, almost pop version of the classic mantra that repeats endlessly (well,for at least 20 minutes), purchased at the top of Chamundi Hill in Mysore -- where it plays incessantly. When you awaken to the radio and the first thing you hear is the latest Bush speech / atrocity on NPR, THIS is the antidote. Otherwise the rest of the day will be spoilt, ruined, no good whatsoever.


The Way We Were
Will it never end? I taped it from Turner Classic Movies on Saturday night and I'm still watching it. Still, it has one of the all-time greatest breakup scenes, ever. So right-on. So familiar. But not as familiar as the tantrum that sparked it. Hmmmm....

On the living room floor:

Hugger Mugger's new Earth Elements Eco Yoga Mat
HM claims it's recycleable and biodegradable, but under repeated questioning (where should people send it to be recycled? etc) the spokesperson will only say that the thing will break down in a landfill. Yes, and so will plutonium. Eventually. Made of TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) foam, it is however PVC and latex free; despite the mild plastic smell it works quite well. So far.

In Kirby's Dish:

Feline c/d Prescription Diet
For a healthy bladder; last week the vet told me that before they could control a male cat's urethra problem through diet (crystals form, the passage is narrow and gets blocked) they used to give them a sex change -- ie; remove the penis. "Yeah, we used to do about four penis removals a week," he said. "Now we do one about every other month." Who knew.

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