Monday, October 31, 2005


Kai and I enjoyed a lovely lunch in Carroll Gardens (Brklyn) on Saturday. After a brief, light practice I took the F-train to 2nd Avenue and Arlene's Grocery to meet Miss Grace and Entourage (one was a curator at one of the fancy modern art museums; our conversation began and ended with, "So you've never left Chicago?" Thud). Incredibly, Lesion started on time. Better yet are the non-smoking laws in clubs (something that's being hotly debated in Chicago at this very moment). I was home by midnight -- and with no smoke hangover to boot.

Sunday morn the Hex and I sat at the Two Red Hens cafe in P-Slope and watched the locals maneuver their strollers and wait 20 minutes in line for a mediocre cup of coffee. Cousin Marlene and Allen and I endured a lovely jazz brunch (despite some abuse by the hosts) at the too-well-known-for-its-own-good Blue Water Grill and hung out in and around Union Square. After shopping (I've since returned just about everything) I then walked south to SoHo for tea with the Goodmans and dinner with the Dancing Curmudgeon at the macrobiotic restaurant Souen. Today it's coffee with Mike-the-artist, the Park Slope Halloween Parade and the Tiger Lilies at Anne's Warehouse......I'm poised to open a club called Satya's Outhouse.

Does anyone else think I look like Amy Goodman?

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