Friday, March 10, 2006


I'm starting to think that Billy Corgan did the same bad things I did in a past life and hence we were rewarded with not dissimilar childhoods.* Except that he somehow went on to have a fabulous career and lose his hair, etc. and I, um, well, at least I lead an interesting life.

To wit: Today after practicing yoga and teaching a class and forgoing chai I donated blood and did not feel faint like last time but just utterly exhausted. It seems that the older I get the more of a toll it takes. Or maybe it was giving up the caffeine until afterwards (because drinking it beforehand inevitably causes me to fail the iron test; one's hemoglobin level, whatever that is, must be 12.5 or higher in order to give blood. And I'm one of those boring, borderline anemic holier-than-thou vegetarians).

I don't know much about Mr. Corgan's iron levels, but the hue of his luminous pate suggests they too hover somewhere around 12.5. I do know that he has not blogged since June 2005, which according to my research was a red-letter year for starting the things (his began earlier that year). Two thousand ought six, on the other hand, is the year for quitting. Some have not only stopped writing but have taken everything down as well. Unfortunately the latter group includes the excellent writer, Canadia-born soprano Erin Wall, who until she quit seemed to live a very interesting life indeed. Others just seem to have stopped writing. Apparently the blogosphere (oh how I hate that term) is no longer an edgy neighborhood but a vast boring suburb full of white folks in Gap clothes.

Indeed: While researching a story today I found out that my instincts were correct; many writers and artists of various sorts have started the things for one reason only -- because their marketing person told them to. I wonder if they'll be rewarded with book deals anyway.


*Cowboy Bill and I also shared similar young adulthoods, if you count the fact that we both used to be regulars at Jim's Grill back when he lived in a house on Greenview and I was in an illegal firetrap basement apartment a block away on Bosworth.


  1. Hey, I like to donate blood too, Weird, I just donated on Tuesday while the family went to see Curious George (which apparantly was very boring until the little monkey drew on the walls, and Sunny ran out afraid he was going to get in trouble). We had a discussion about drawing on the walls, like she did in her room, I wasn't mad because the picture was so darn cute, but told her that it probably wasn't a good idea, and that next time she would get in trouble. So, hopefully she won't write a book about me in later life. ..... Anyway, enough about me, fellow blood donater. I'm A+, for once in my life. What about you?

  2. bullet ridden9:56 PM

    I got shot in Nam back in '67.
    The rounds actually ricocheted off the ground into my ankle, calf & thigh.

    That remains my only blood donation.

  3. Mr. Bollywood8:35 AM

    Raids uncover fake Bollywood DVDs
    Police and music piracy investigators raided two premises in Glasgow and found counterfeit Bollywood DVDs with a street value of £50,000.
    The raids in the city's south side followed a joint operation between Strathclyde Police and the British Phonographic Industry.

    Two men aged 53 and 23, understood to be father and son, will be reported to the procurator fiscal.

    The raids centred on a Pollokshields business and a nearby home.

    Police and the BPI first raided Bobby's Enterprises on Maxwell Road.

    They then searched a home in Kenmure Street.

    Both raids uncovered counterfeit Bollywood DVDs.

    A spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police said: "We can confirm that following a police operation on the morning of Wednesday 8 March two addresses in Pollokshields were searched.

    "A large quantity of counterfeit Bollywood DVDs and CDs were recovered with a street value of £50,000.

    "Two men aged 53 and 23 will be the subject of a report to the procurator fiscal."
    From BBC Scotland

  4. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Boring Gap clothes eh? Suburbs?
    Since when are blogs about yoga edgy?
    Pretty harsh judgments from someone with a pink background.

  5. At least yr not calling me Erma Bombeck.....
    I'm O-negative of course; the universal donor. That makes one 1 in 15 -- and the only blood type that can receive only one type of blood (O-). As in life, one can give til it hurts but has to be very selective when receiving....

  6. Pink, boring, suburban, gap clothes, yoga, edgy, whatever, they are just descriptions, words, adjectives, not judgements, unless you decide to make them so.

    ANYWAY.... blood types are categorized descriptions that actually have a life or death meaning, and can't be misjudged.

  7. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I just commented on your background color choice, half jokingly, you generalized the entire "blogosphere" as "a vast boring suburb full of white folks in Gap clothes" How do you differ from that group? Last I checked you were a part of said blogosphere. thats all. just thinking that to be a bit harsh.

    And lois, Blogroach??? Just another descriptive word I guess eh? I'll take it as a compliment.

  8. farm boy11:45 PM

    What is with you city people with all of your knocking of the 'suburbs'?

    I can park my car, for free, anywhere.
    Gangs? John Deeres vs the Intl Harvestors.

    And my sales tax rate is way less than the Chicago 9.75%

    I know, you guys are sophisticated.

    It's not a lie, if you believe it.

  9. whoah, sorry.... I misunderstand e-mail and tone all the time, thats why I don't write on mine, just pictures.
    ANd it's really weird and hard not to have a two way conversation. Really, I take it all back and have no place commenting on comments. I am not being fecicious, see I can't even spell.